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I find myself strangely at peace these days, even though I miss Greed, but I haven't a clue as to where in the name of Kingdom Hearts he could be.

I wonder if perhaps my cold methods, and harsh mannerisms have driven him off...

It would not be the first time my personality and cowardice has driven one I love away.

*sigh* What to do...

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As unbelievable as it seems... it appears I cannot die either.
Does this mean... there is still hope for me?
How ridiculous, I refuse to hope.
I am a Nobody, I have no need of such a thing.

The plan...

Superior's plan has been set into motion, and seems to have had a high degree of success.

I am not surprised, everything will happen, just as he has planned.  The waves of Heartless are after all, the closest thing to endless in this existence.

I'm afraid if Superior orders it, I may not even spare him... and that... for some reason, turn the void within me into a larger ache.  How... awkward.

Is this the trace emotion of what a martyr would feel?

I don't expect to survive through this.

This is...

I must... find Superior immediately... 

I am no longer certain that I.... no, I will not think that way, I will not think that way...
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So I was in this pool place.

I think.

And I was all like... OMG hate on this guy... who really looks like Axel but says he's not just looks and sounds exactly like Axel so yeah.

Can't remember why I hated him.

Things are really fuzzy now.

I need to find someone who can tell me my name.

Oh and uh... my ass hurts.  I don't know why.

It's weird.  


What was I talking about?

(OOC: ... one fell off and bumped his head, the mother called the doctor and the doctor said.... stupid Saix stop hitting your head! XDDD
Yeah... he hit his head... amnesia.... ADD... passive nature... he's a little vulnerable right now. :3)


I have come to the conclusion that unlike 11 thinks, the HoH being sadistic, is indeed not a good thing for me.

I am quite annoyed.

I'm wearing green.

And I can't seem to get rid of this hat, no matter what I do.

This... is irritating.

Stranger and stranger...

I wasn't aware that this new establishment came with automatic... journaling, features.

I'm not too pleased with my new roommate. He's... odd.
But I suppose not unlikeable.
I would much rather be alone, not that I sleep a great deal to notice the difference anyway.

I have discovered numbers 6, 8, 9, 11 and 13 comfortably housed here.
Here being called Giga House (such an absurd name.)
And Superior arrived not to shortly yesterday, this provides... conflicting thoughts.

Also, there is a young blond female in this place who is quite an annoyance.
I must make sure to avoid her.
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I think I've stumbled across something.
... that I obviously wasn't supposed to.
Oh how I do enjoy these riveting puzzles and intricacies of the world.

I believe I'm finally getting the hang of this sarcasm effect.